Physical Characteristics Of Real Moldavite

Right off the bat, it is essential to realize that a real moldavite crystals is a kind of tektite, a sort of natural glass produced when a meteorite strikes the earth. So what distinguishes moldavite from other types of tektites, and how can one determine whether or not they are dealing with a genuine article?

To begin, the hue of moldavite is unmistakably green and can range from a relatively light olive green to a very dark forest green. The presence of iron and several other minerals contribute to the green hue of this substance. Be wary since some fakes may attempt to imitate this green color. Because of this, you must research and educate yourself on how the real thing should seem to avoid being fooled by fakes.

Moldavite has a coarse and uneven surface that is lumpy and wavy and a rough and uneven texture overall. Some pieces may also include minor bubbles, inclusions, or other defects, all considered natural and contribute to the gemstone’s unique personality. Because imitations, on the other hand, could have an even smooth surface, it is essential to pay attention to the particulars of the situation.

The weight of moldavite is yet another one of its physical characteristics. So if you come across a piece of this gemstone that seems unusually hefty for its dimensions, it’s probably fake because it is on the lighter side compared to other gems of comparable size.

In conclusion, it is essential to remember that moldavite is a delicate gemstone; as a result, it is not unusual to discover little chips or cracks on the stone’s surface. However, if the item has significant cracks or severe damage, this might indicate that it is not an authentic gemstone. Thus it is crucial to scrutinize the gemstone before making a purchase.

The observable qualities of the genuine article are now in front of you, so take note of them. If you keep these guidelines in mind while looking for moldavite, you’ll be well on acquiring a piece of this magical gemstone. Moldavite may be found throughout Russia and Ukraine.